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How to choose binary options robot

Posted by on Nov 24, 2015 in Finance |

Binary Options Robot is a software that allows inexperienced derivatives traders to invest in the derivatives market, where the robot makes decisions for the investor. The software has an inbuilt auto trading mechanisms that executes the trades on your behalf.

The software works by analyzing the real time market trend of the security and performs complex calculations on the trade indicators. The indicators will signal the software to ‘call’ or ‘put’ the options. The software will then trade according to the signal and usually generates a fair amount of profit.

binary robots

Normally, derivatives trading are done by experienced traders who can predict market trends and can perform the complex calculations through special software for derivative securities. The binary options robot automates the process and tends to provide good results. However, there are scam software which will charge fees and promise great results but fail to deliver. So if you want to be wise about your investment, it’d help to know which robots are scam and which ones work.

  1. The accuracy rates are not the bible

While most bots like to guarantee an 80% or above accuracy rate, the only time that happens is when the bot is on a winning streak. In reality, derivatives trading are a complex business and rely on several real time indicators which are totally unpredictable. So it would be wise not to put complete faith in the guarantee rates.

  1. The broker behind the software

The scam software usually creates an account on your behalf under a disreputable or unlicensed broker. These are the ones which don’t give you control on which type of security you should buy and just promises a steady stream of money while the investor does nothing. Proper binary options robot usually gives you a choice of brokers along with their credentials.

Instead of giving some unknown broker control and access to your bank account on blind faith, good software’s provide the investor control over their investment, which includes the quality of brokers making decisions behind the software.

  1. The level of customization allowed by the robot

Once again, it is completely unwise to totally rely on a software to manage your money for you. Derivatives trading runs on extremely unpredictable scenarios and no amount of experience can guarantee consistent payout. So if a software promises to do everything for you while you just hand over your money, then you know that it’s a scam. A good software provides you choices – choices on the options, the risk etc. so that you have control over your investment.


You can’t jump in the derivatives market without any prior knowledge on how the market works, because fraudulent software’s are widely prevalent and rely on inexperienced investors who are interested in derivatives trading, who are willing to give complete control over their bank accounts so that a shady broker can play in the market.

It is highly recommended that the investor gain some prior knowledge on derivatives trading before relying on a software, so that the investor makes informed decisions. Also, a good thorough research on the options trading software along with reviews and past performance history goes a long way in giving a realistic idea on what to expect from the software.

Third party reviews help greatly because they usually give the pros and cons of the software for the benefit of potential users. Taking stock of user complaints is also important because they can give you an idea about the software’s limitations. If the software is genuine, then it can actually help the investor in making complicated decisions regarding their investment, therefore picking the right software is crucial.


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What are binary options signals?

Posted by on Oct 17, 2015 in Day trading options, Finance |

Binary Options Signal software are trending in trading industries; primarily due to the benefits and ease of access it provides to the traders. What the basically these software do is gather information from the linked servers, compare, calculate and notify the owner of the best deal available on stocks or either of the trading means.bss2

Usefulness of binary options signals

In real life, the software shows to be an extremely handy tool for churning gout high profits. Any person can use binary Options Signals, whether at home or at work, irrespective of the level of knowledge one has for software.

If one wants to keep an eye on the performance of his or her company, the same software can be used, as detailed analytics of the company’s shares and other such stuff are published within the portfolio of the company.

The software can also be used as a strategical tool to target the demand and market share of the opponent company, by purchasing shares on profit or at a definite point of time and thereby gain more market share.

How to install and use binary options signals software?


  • On desktop/laptop

Grab an installer from either of the means available, offline or online. Be sure to noted down the serial or activation key provided along with the software, if any. Run the installation file and select the options in accordance with your choices.

bss1Let the installer run until a popup saying the installation has completed appears on to your screen. Click ‘Finish’ to exit the installer. Then, from the menu or app drawer, run the application. You will have to create an account for the software and then select from the companies you want to get information about. The must go brokers are StockPair, 24option, Banc de Binary and CherryTrade.

The process ends here. If you want, you can change the parameters for the software such as the units used for display the statistical data and the layout of the information through additional settings.


  • On mobile devices

Most of the companies publish an application that can perform the functions of that of a desktop software. The application can be searched and downloaded from the respective app store.

Just like the desktop app, you will need to sign up for an account. Alternatively, you may sign in using the same credentials used by you on the desktop app to make things a tad easier. Browse through the companies and choose what shall be displayed and notified on your device.


Binary Option signals can be prove to be an extremely beneficial software if used in the right way. The cost of ownership of the software is the only roadblock, which too is very low, considering the profits you will be getting out of the software. The software can be recommend to even home users, who want to earn some decent amount out of the trading industry as an alternative to the primary source of income. If the software was to be rated in numerical terms, it would have scored a good 8 out of 10 marks.

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Posted by on Sep 18, 2015 in Day trading options, Finance |

Before we start comparing the terms day trading and night trading, it is important to understand the meaning of them individually.
Let us start with the question:

What is Day Trading?

31524Day Trading is a process, which involves making a position in the stock markets with a view of clearing that position before the day ends. A day trader basically buys stocks many times a day looking for fractional raises in the prices but, they close all their positions by the end of the day. The purpose of a day trader is to get profits even on slightest movements within one trading day.

A day trader is different from the investors as a day trader holds the position for a short period of time and never overnight.

Day trading is widely misunderstood by many people. Real day traders do not hold their stock positions beyond the one trading day, and definitely not overnight.

Day trading is the safest way to do trading as you are not exposed to the expected losses that can occur after the stock market closes.

Advantages of day trading

  1. Zero Overnight Risk: As the traders sell their positions before the market closes there is no chance that the morning news and changes in market will affect the trade.
  2. Increased Leverage: the profits and investments of day traders are high because of less margin requirements.
  3. Profit in any market direction: Day trading can lock their profits in a declining market and thus, gain more profits.Now that you understand the concept of day trading, let us move to night trading.

What is Night Trading?

31456456 Night Trading is a term used to describe the process of trading at the night time between 9pm and 8am. This is the type of trading in which the investors trade after the market closes, at the end of the trading day, because the foreign markets open when the local market closes.

When a trader purchases stocks he is taking up a position. In overnight trading, the traders make positions that are not liquidated and are continuing trades after the closing of the trading day.

Comparison between day trading and night trading


  1. Day trading is safer than night trading because in day trading the trader closes the trade before the market closes. Therefore if there are any fluctuations in the foreign market they will not affect the trade. While night trading is very risky as in night the foreign market opens and the news can affect the trades. Night traders cannot control the risks involved in trades.
  2. In day trading the traders immediately close the position thereby ensuring minimum losses and maximum profits. Whereas in night trading the trader is not able to close his/her positions and has to hold it until the market reopens.
  3. In day trading the market is open and the traders have an opportunity to lessen the risks by the use of stop losses. Stop losses are instructions given to the broker to fix a position if the losses reach a certain point. This helps in limiting the risks. However, this option is not available in light trading.
  4. In light trading the trader may encounter some failures or delays in getting the order paced or executed. Whereas there are very less chances of failure in computer services at day time as the service providers are still working.
  5. There are greater price fluctuations in night trading as compared to day trading.

To conclude, those who have the hearts to take risks can go for overnight trading. However, it would be better for night traders to go for long-term investments instead.

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What Are Binary Options Robots and What They Do

Posted by on Aug 11, 2015 in Day trading options, Day Trading Software, Day Trading Software for Options |

binary option robotThere is a lot of money to be made in the securities market. This even more so with binary options. However as with most securities, it requires constant monitoring of even the slightest market movements and reacting accordingly, this is what determines how much you will make.

A new invention is changing all this. With binary option robots, you are free of monitoring up to the second movements of these options.

How Do They Operate

These are software and applications operated by an algorithm. Algorithm allows you to easily set it up as well as manage your trading preferences. When completely up and running the application can handle the monitoring of stocks for you as they move up and down. It does not stop here with this robot however, it also makes trades on the binary options according to the market indicators known and observed by the bot.

For them to work though, and you are required to be logged into the robot while at the same time having your binary account open. On doing this, the bot simply takes over your computer. This by detecting all compatible binary options in the trading platforms. Signals generated by the service are picked up by the robot which proceeds to make the trade. Your work being limited to only sitting back and watching things run.


binary tradingThe application is suitable both for the beginners’ as well as advanced traders, for a myriad number of reasons. To the beginners, it will offer invaluable training in terms of tips, trades and why they were made. In the process of finding answers to these questions a beginner will quickly learn and graduate to pro status within the options trading segment. With this application as well, there will be less losses made as the tips and moves made on the options market will have higher odds of making a profit. To experienced traders on the other hand, the helping hand on research on options will lead to more earnings. An automated process reduce stress in the placing of these deals as none will be forgotten.

How to Get Them

These binary options robots are a third party trading program. Should you require one, it can only be by downloading the software. Surprisingly is that some of these software are available for free. Newbies normally prefer these. Pro version will come at a cost, but with these expect more capabilities as

More Advantages of the Same

These programs offer many benefits especially to rookie traders. This because, there is no required prior training to operate. Also, they reduce the odds and frequency of losing one’s investments. Together with these comes the ability to multi-task. They might take over your computer, but this is only with regards to trading. You can as well use your pc for other functions, say for instance continuing with a game or movie while the bot continues to make you money. The bot is also compatible with all major operating systems. These ranging from Windows to Mac, to Tablet and Mobile. As well the simplicity to use is an added plus.

Beware Though

As with any finance dealings online, you need to take caution. This because of the many possibilities and avenues of defrauding you of your money should you not be cautious enough. To this end, ensure that:

  • You only log into your money holding platforms e.g. PayPal via secured networks.
  • Be very careful with automated systems that you find advertised through your mail. Mostly on clicking onto these sites, you will find some malware or other unwanted spyware waiting to copy or hack into your systems.


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Top 3 Recommendations for the best Day Trading Software

Posted by on Jun 14, 2015 in Day trading options, Day Trading Software, Finance |

It is significant to look for day trading software that provides a brilliant trading platform with all the tools that you need to make the best possible trades, when you are choosing a day trading software package. Also, you should pay attention for a program that offers entrée to real-time market information and the option to obtain personalized alerts. Also, the best day trading software will give access to a range of markets.

We have done some extensive research on day trading software. In this article we will show you the top 3 recommendations for the best day trading software available:

  1. ESignal_version_11_2_screenshoteSignal

eSignal’s day trading software is on the first place for its excellent analyzing and charting capabilities, flexible pricing structure and unparalleled mobile applications. This software could be mainly attractive to those who are by now familiar with eSignal’s popular data streaming technology.

Tools/Charting: In order to support day traders with stock analysis, charting and scanning – this software option provides the very best tools available. And all of the eSignal charts are totally customizable and able to support many indicators, which includes distribution and accumulation, momentum, MACD, volume. Besides allowing entrée to the basic data feed, by purchasing eSignal software it allows users to entrée a large selection of more advanced data options.

Resources: For your examination, this software provides a lot of educational material, including trading education, seminars, forums and newsletters. Also, there is the option to purchase an additional software product which is called eSignal. Learning in order to help you advance your knowledge as a day trader.

  1. MultiCharts.NET_TimePriceOpportunity_free_indicator1MultiCharts

Second place goes to MultiCharts for its charting options and abundance of tools and its ability to work with many data feed services. Also with information from multiple data feeds this software allows users to create charts and can perform automatic trades with numerous popular trading platforms. MultiCharts offers a range of pricing options unlike many of its competitors, so you can decide the software package that fits your needs and also your budget.

Tools/Charting: MultiCharts receives enthusiastic reviews for its highly and excellent customizable charting capabilities, which includes 3D charting. Also, this option offers a wide selection of tools in order to help with strategizing, drawing, managing data and back testing. Advanced analytics and custom alerts are also available through this software.

Resources: The resources for this product aren’t mostly plentiful, though MultiCharts does provide a few tutorials and online forum which provides information about its product.

  1. AdvancedChartNinjaTrader

Third place goes to NinjaTrader for its compatibility with many popular data feeds, easy-to-use interface and affordable pricing.

Tools/Charting: The control panel for NinjaTrader is appetizingly simple compared to that of many of its competitors. And its streamlined approach lets you to easily keep track of all your executions, strategies, accounts, positions, and much more. Also, the charting options for this software are highly customizable and comprehensive. Additionally, this software provides a number of free features that you could find useful, which includes real-time market scanning and automated trading.

Resources: This software offer live training online together with a video library in the support section of the NinjaTrade website.

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Day Trading Software for Options

Day Trading Software for Options

Posted by on Apr 3, 2015 in Day Trading Software for Options |

Computer applications made it easy to computerize trading, particularly for short term intensive activities such as day trading, by making the usage of trading software extremely popular. Also, the debate continues on the profit potential that could be practically derived from day trading activities, as commissions and brokerage are said to remove the major portion of available profit potential. Therefore, it becomes very important to choose the right day trading software with a assessment of its applicability to individual trading strategies/needs, cost benefit analysis as together with the functions and features you need.

Day trading is a time bound trading activity where sell or buy positions are closed and taken on the same trading day, with a intention to make profits on large order volumes and  in smaller price differentials by common selling and buying, frequently on leverage.


Now, what is day trading software?

It is an automated computer program, generally provided by brokerage firms in order to help clients complete their day trading activities in a timely and efficient manner. They allow traders to collect profits that would be difficult to accomplish by simple mortals. To sow you on example: a day trader could find it impossible to track manually 2 technical indicators (such as fifty and two hundred day moving averages) on 3 different stocks of her or his choice, but an automated day trading software easily can do that and place trades after the set criteria is met.

The functions and features available could vary from one software to the next one and could come in different versions. Aside from brokers, independent vendors provide day trading software as well, which have a tendency to have more advanced features. If you are doubting your broker for any given reason you can chose one of many sites that can tell you is your broker legit or not. For example here is a scan of cherrytrade.


How this software works?

3 basic features of any day trading software include:

  • Automated order placing function (frequently with Direct Market Access), after the criteria are met.
  • Functionality allowing the setup of trading strategy that is based on technical news /indicators/ pattern recognition/ trading signals in the trading system.
  • Analytical tools to carry on assessment of existing holdings if any market features and developments accordingly act on them.

Any day trading software will involve a one-time setup of trading strategy with setting the trading limits, and by putting the system on live data and letting it perform the trades.


One simple example. Suppose a stock ABC is dual-listed on both NASDAQ and NYSE stock exchanges. Now, you are looking for arbitrage opportunities and you find a day trading software available for it. So, you setup the following:

  • You will select ABC stock for arbitrage and select 2 markets (NASDAQ and NYSE) for trading
  • Supposing both legs of intraday trade costs you a total of 0.2 USD per share for commission and brokerage; you intend to look for price differentials between 2 markets in excess of that amount. You will set (let’s say 0.3 USD or maybe above) as the price differential –the software should execute an immediate sell and buy order only if the bid and ask prices on the 2 markets (NASDAQ and NYSE) are differing by 0.3 USD (or maybe more)
  • Now, you need to set the number of shares to be sold and bought in one order (let’s say 10,000 shares)

Let this setup go live.

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