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Computer applications made it very easy to do trading automatically, especially when it comes to short ones like day trading. Because of this trading software’s are very popular for use. When it comes to profit potential, we know that commissions and broker rage are taking the biggest part of the portion on profit potential which is available. So, it is of a vital importance to find the best trading software, the one which will suit you completely with all analysis of cost benefits, assessments of software applicability and with all trading needs for each individual. Traders familiar with day trading know that the time is of a big importance since sell or buy positions will be taken as well as closed on the same day, with the purpose to make your profit which will be in smaller price differentials compared to large volumes by constant buying and selling (usually on leverage).

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Day trading software is a computer program which is automated, and in most of the cases provided by brokerage firms to their clients to encourage them and help to carry out their day trading activities concerning timely manner. They give traders an opportunity to reap profits which would be very complicated to achieve by mere mortals. Example: If a trader has two technical indicators he will find himself in situation where he cannon track both manually especially if they are on three different stocks which he/she has chosen. But with this automated software he will do it without any problems, and trades will be placed at the moment when the set criterion is met. Software is different from different manufacturers, and came with different functions and features available. If you are not a broker, independent vendors can provide you with one of day trading software’s with advanced features which will help you more.


You ask how this software works.

Well there are three very basic features which are included in any day trading software no matter who produced it and they are: To functionally allow the setup of strategy for trading(this will be based on many factors, such as news, technical indicators, pattern recognition, trading signals etc.) in the system of trading; The function of automated order placing(Which in most cases has direct access to market), when the criteria are met; Analytical tools, which will continuously do the assessment of the existing holdings(if there are any)features to act on them accordingly and marked developments. But no matter which software you have, it will require a onetime setup of strategy for trading, which will set the trading limits and put the system on live data, giving it a chance to execute trades. Good trading software needs to have platform independence. And you need to know your specific needs for day trading since they differ from trader to trader. When you decide to buy trading software you would ask them to give you a trial version so that you can thoroughly examine it during its trial period. Also look for its additional and analytic features, since they are very important and will be of a great importance to your trading.

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